Ophthalmologist and Retina Specialist in Cape Town

Dr Steven Lapere is an ophthalmologist (eye specialist) who practices Claremont, Cape Town. His sub-speciality interest is in all disorders of the retina and he completed a 2-year fellowship in Canada encompassing both surgical and medical retina. He operates at Peninsula Eye Hospital and the University of Cape Town’s Private Academic Hospital, and is a sessional consultant at Groote Schuur Hospital. The practice and operating facilities are fully equipped with the latest technology to offer you a premium service.

General Ophthamology

Dry eyes, red eyes from any condition, glaucoma and any foreign bodies or ocular emergency.

Medical & Surgical Retina

Dr Lapere sub-specializes in all disorders of the retina, from inherited retinal disorders to macular degeneration and simple and complex retinal detachments.

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Ocular Oncology

The Cape Town Ocular Oncology Service, led by Dr Hamzah Mustak, Dr Steven Lapere and Dr Raoul Scholtz specialize in all eye cancers. See ocularoncology for more details.

Cataract Surgery

Premium cataract service for any type of cataract, with all procedures taking place at Peninsula Eye Hospital.